Contract Types for Your Home Security

Whether you’ve just moved home or are looking to change or upgrade your current home security set-up, it can be confusing comparing all the different options and packages available. It’s a good idea to figure out what level of security you need in your home and the type of equipment you’d like, then you can start looking around providers and thinking about the kind of contract that’s best for you.

Long-term contracts

Long-term contracts are fairly common in the home security industry, ranging from anywhere between 12 months and 5 years. The benefit of these is that they can be better value for money if you see the contract through, with longer contracts typically offering lower average monthly rates. The downside is the lack of flexibility, however. You’re tied into a contract for that length of time, potentially making it a hassle if you want to switch providers or cancel your home security service.

Payment options may vary for long-term contracts, paying annually or monthly, and any extra costs like equipment and installation fees are generally spread across the contract period.

Monthly contracts

Another option is a monthly rolling contract, which means you are not tied down to that provider for a certain amount of time, beyond the month that you’ve paid for. While these can come with higher upfront costs and slightly higher monthly costs, many people prefer the freedom of being able to switch or cancel on short notice, without being committed to the service for a year or more. Monthly contracts can be a better option for anyone who already owns their own security equipment, saving them the upfront costs of providing and installing the equipment.


Before you commit to any type of contract, make sure you find out what their cancellation policy is. This is especially important for long-term contracts, which can be difficult to get out of early. Check whether there is a fee associated with canceling your contract and changing providers; some can carry hefty charges. It can sometimes be worth paying slightly more each month for a provider who offers free or low-cost cancellation, if flexibility is a priority for your home security.

At Carolina Alarm, we offer professional 24/7 monitoring services starting from $18.75 per month with no long-term contract required, giving you the freedom and flexibility to manage your home security on your own terms. Get in touch to find out more about our home security and monitoring services or to get a free quote.