How to Secure Three Common Entry Points in Your Business

It’s not only our homes that are left vulnerable to burglary if we don’t secure them properly. If you run a business, then security should be your priority there, too. Local businesses that store inventory, equipment, and technology on-site are prime targets for thieves looking to profit. Here are some key entry points to your business and how you can secure them.

Main entrances

Most businesses have two different types of entrances, at least those that serve customers do. These are the main entrances to your store or business, the ones that customers use and that are typically left open during business hours. And then there are back entrances that are only used by employees and vendors delivering stock. Burglars can be as bold as to walk in the main entrance, either during business hours while they are open or by breaking in out of business hours.

To secure your main entrance during the day, the best measures to take are placing security cameras and other security equipment around the entrance, and hiring security to monitor these entrances. Most retail stores have sensors positioned in entrances and exits that detect if something is being taken out of the store with its security tag still on.

Outside of business hours, it’s important that you secure your business with high-quality locking mechanisms. Security cameras and motion detectors outside of your business will also help to deter criminals. If your business premises are offices or another type of private premise, then you could also install electronic locks where authorized personnel can enter using a specific key code.

Back entrances

The back entrances to your business are more hidden, less out in the open. This makes them even more of a target. Make sure security and surveillance equipment is still set up around here and that only authorized personnel can gain access, via a key, code, or another entry method. Back entrances often lead to inventory and other valuable things, so it’s important to secure them.


Most businesses will have windows that can open, so it’s important to keep these shut and locked when nobody is on the premises. For ground floor windows, you may also want to place bars over them to ensure nobody could gain entry this way. In places like retail stores, there are often large windows used to display stock. While these might not open, they can be smashed. If you don’t already have them, you should install security doors or shutters that close and lock over these windows outside of business hours.

When your business is your livelihood, you can’t afford the risk of security breaches, so it is always worth investing in quality locks and security equipment. Contact Carolina Alarm for commercial security assistance around Winston Salem, High Point, Greensboro, and Mooresville.