Interesting Ways You Can Automate Your Home with Smart Technology

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Smart technology can do lots of amazing things. But some people are still reluctant to truly adopt it, among other concerns thinking that it’s just a novelty and a fad, offering cool gimmicks rather than true value that can improve your everyday life. If you’re wondering what smart technology can do for you and whether or not it’s worth it, let’s look at some of the ways smart home automation offers you convenience.

Lock your doors

Smart locks can do more than just letting you lock or unlock your doors with a tap of your phone. You can set rules so that they lock or unlock at specific times, such as automatically locking the front door once you’ve armed your burglar alarm before going to bed. Or you can set your smart locks to detect your smartphone, so that they lock after you’ve gone outside and closed the front door, for example.

Save energy

By automating your HVAC system, appliances, lights, and electrical outlets, you can reduce the amount of gas and electricity you waste. Set appliances to switch off if left idle for a certain amount of time or control the times of day that your home heating is switched on. And you can save water with smart washing machines, which detect the size of your laundry load to use the right amount of water for the wash.

Clean your home

If you have a “robot” vacuum like a Roomba, then you can use a related app to automate your gadget, setting it to clean your home at an appropriate time. You can have your vacuum doing your chores for you while you’re at work, for example.

Feed your pets

Yes, even your pets can enjoy smart technology. Save your cat waking you up at 5am with an automatic feeder, which dispenses food based on a schedule that you set. This is also useful if you’re out for long hours during the day. Or if you have a doggy door through to your backyard, set times for this to lock so that your dog can’t go out at night by itself.

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