Keeping Your Business Safe During Inactivity

If you’ve had to temporarily close your business or reduce its operating hours, then you could be leaving it vulnerable.

Have an effective security system in place

When no one is on the premises, your company’s security system is its main line of defense. Evidence of security cameras, burglar alarms, and other types of security equipment will help to deter criminals from attempting to break in. If anyone does attempt a break-in, then your alarms should ward them off and alert either you or the authorities of the situation. Security footage can also help you after the fact with insurance claims.

Consider security monitoring

If your security system isn’t professionally monitored, then you should consider upgrading now. When a monitored security system is triggered, your security company is alerted to the threat and can take the appropriate action. This usually involves contacting you and the relevant emergency service. This means the threat can be responded to even if you’re at home.

Make sure your fire systems are working

Fires are another risk in an unoccupied building because no one will be there to prevent their spread. While this also, fortunately, means that there’s no one around to get hurt, it could also result in a great deal of damage to your premises and assets. Ensure you have an adequate fire system installed and that it is properly working. This ensures that someone is alerted to a fire on your premises and can respond accordingly. We recommend including sprinklers in your fire system to, hopefully, extinguish the fire before it has a chance to spread.

Switch off non-essential electrical equipment

To help reduce the risk of a fire breaking out, you should switch off and unplug any electrics in your building that are not essential to the operation of the building and/or your business. This will help to prevent electrical fires.

Switch off the water at the mains

To prevent the risk of water damage caused by leaks and floods, we recommend switching off the water to your building at the mains. If you are in a cold climate, then you should also ensure that the temperature of the building is kept at 45 degrees at a minimum and that pipes are properly insulated to prevent them from freezing and bursting.

If you’re concerned about the security of your commercial premises during a shutdown or vacation period, then contact Carolina Alarm for advice on how you can boost the security of your business. We support businesses as well as homes with their security around Greensboro, Kernersville, Winston Salem, and High Point, North Carolina.