Making Sure Your Garage Is Secure

When taking the time to secure and monitor your home, there’s an important area that can slip under the radar: your garage. It’s easy to forget about the garage when it comes to home security, but many people store valuable items in their garages, such as power tools or the family car. So, a security system is essential to keep your garage secure and your belongings safe.

It’s even more important to secure your garage if it’s attached to your home. This could be a weak point where burglars are able to gain entry into your house if it is not properly monitored. Here are some tips to help you secure your garage…

Security cameras

Installing a security camera outside your garage door is a great way to deter criminals. If they see that their actions will be recorded, they are less likely to target your garage for fear of getting caught. A security camera inside your garage can also be useful for providing evidence if someone does break in and steal from you.

Burglar alarm

If the sight of a security camera doesn’t stop them, then an alarm sounding as soon as they break in should do the trick. Burglar alarms are set up to trigger as soon as the door is opened or as soon as motion is detected inside your garage. You and your family can simply enter a code to disarm the alarm, but an intruder would end up triggering it, hopefully forcing them to flee without doing any damage or stealing anything valuable.

Motion-activated lights

Criminals don’t want to be seen, so they choose dark and secluded areas to target. If a light turns on as soon as they get close to your garage, then this will draw attention to them, making it more likely that they’ll get caught in the act. Motion-activated lights are another effective deterrent for keeping thieves away from your property.

Keep doors locked

This might sound like an obvious tip, but it can be easy to forget to lock your main garage door or its side door, potentially leaving it unlocked overnight. Make sure you have good-quality, secure locks installed on your garage doors and check them diligently. With smart locks, you can even be alerted through your phone if you leave the door unlocked.

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