Protect Yourself Online, Too

At Carolina Alarm, we’re all about helping you protect your home and your family from a variety of threats. As well as physical threats like fire and burglary, you should also think about how you can protect yourself online. With how connected the world now is, we face a variety of risks when using the internet and connected devices if we don’t do so in a savvy manner.

If you’re worried about your security online, read on for some tips on how to protect yourself and your family.

Be vigilant when clicking links

Spam emails aren’t just annoying, they can also be dangerous. If you’ve received a suspicious-looking email or a private message on social media from someone you don’t know, don’t click on any links. These can infect your computer with viruses or malware that can be used to steal your information. Even when receiving a link from someone you do know, be careful as it may be a virus on their end that’s sending this mail.

Use secure passwords

Your first pet’s name followed by the year you were born may be an easy password to remember, but it certainly isn’t the most secure. Try creating a password using a combination of lowercase letters, uppercase, numbers, and symbols to improve your security level. Get into the habit of changing your passwords regularly, especially for sensitive things like online banking, and don’t use the same password for everything. There are lots of tools online that can generate strong passwords for you.

Keep personal information private

Be careful about what information you share online. Whether it’s on social media, forums, or elsewhere, never share personal information like your address and financial information. It’s advised to keep your social media profiles set to private and avoid oversharing about your life. Even if you’ve got a strong home security system, announcing on Facebook that you’re going on vacation for two weeks is putting your house and belongings at risk.

Be extra vigilant on public Wi-Fi

It’s extremely convenient to be able to check your emails or make a bank transfer while you’re out and about, but be careful when doing these things using public Wi-Fi. When anyone can access a Wi-Fi network, the people using it are more vulnerable to an attack. Always look for password-protected Wi-Fi in places like cafés and hotels rather than unsecured ones, and avoid accessing private information when using public Wi-Fi.

Teach your family about online security

Even if you’re careful online, you may have young children or senior parents who aren’t as savvy about online safety and security. Be sure to teach your kids important safety tips to keep them safe online.

With Carolina Alarm, you can focus on your online security while we take care of your home security. Contact us for security systems, monitoring, and installation services around Greensboro, Kernersville, Winston Salem, and High Point, NC.