The Complete Guide to Improving Home Security

Security should be a priority for everyone. Whether you own the home or not, you still want to make sure that your belongings inside the house are safe, not to mention yourself and your family living there. There are lots of ways you can secure your home from burglars. Let’s look at some tips for improving your home security.

Home alarms

A burglar alarm is effective on two fronts. First of all, if someone notices that you have a home alarm installed, they are much less likely to target your home. If they go ahead and try to break in anyway, the alarm sounding will probably scare them away. At the very least, it will alert you or your neighbors to the fact that someone is breaking in, at which point, the authorities can be called. Home alarms can even be set up to alert you through your smartphone.

Click here for a guide on how to choose the right home alarm system for you.

Security cameras

The same goes for security cameras. If a burglar sees a camera installed above your front door or around windows, they’ll probably move on without trying anything. The second line of defense security cameras provide is as evidence for the police and insurance companies. Video footage can help the police track down the criminals, while it will also help you claim insurance money against your losses.

Cnet provides a buying guide to help you choose the best security camera.

Secure locks

Having secure locks on your windows and doors, and keeping them locked, is the easiest way to keep burglars out. Deadbolts are some of the best, most secure locks available. Double cylinder deadbolts are more secure than single cylinder ones, although they do make exiting the home from the inside less convenient. The strike plate is an important component when keeping your doors and windows secure. Invest in a deadbolt and a strike plate with longer screws to keep your door from being kicked in.

Security monitoring

Finally, we can’t stress the importance of professional security monitoring enough. A monitored system ensures that your home is looked after even when you’re not home. SO, if a break in occurs while you’re at work, sound asleep in bed, or away on vacation, a professional security team is there to support you and respond accordingly. Find out more about professional security monitoring with Carolina Alarm.

If you need help boosting your home security or installing any of the above security equipment, then get in touch with Carolina Alarm for our assistance. We also provide security monitoring, so you can rest assured that your home is in good hands. Here to keep you safe around Winston Salem, High Point, Greensboro, and Mooresville.

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