What to Do If Someone Follows You Home

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If you’ve ever been in this situation, then you’ll know how worrying and frightening it can be, especially if you’re walking home alone. Someone is walking behind you and appears to be taking the exact same route as you for a little too long. Whatever the situation, here are some steps to take to keep yourself safe.

Change your speed or direction

A good way to figure out if that person behind you really is following you is to suddenly change something about your walking pattern. You could try speeding up or slowing down to see if that person stays with you. If someone is genuinely just walking at the same pace behind you, then they should overtake you if you slow down.

You could also cross the road, take a couple of turns that you wouldn’t normally take, or even stop in your tracks and turn back in the opposite direction. You could also stop to check your phone or tie your shoes. Strategies like stopping or slowing down are better done when there are other people around in case that person is a threat.

Go somewhere busy

If you go into a shop or café, then you’ll be slightly safer as you’re surrounded by people. This may prompt your stalker to leave you alone, or you could try to lose them in the crowds. If you’re really worried, you could even approach an employee about your problem to ask for their support.

Call someone

If you think it’s safe to do so, then you should call the police to alert them of your situation. If you’re looking for a less conspicuous option or if you’re still not certain if that person is following you, then just call a friend or family member. Speak loud enough so that the person behind can hear you, and make sure you tell your friend where you are and what you’re doing. This could deter them by making you seem less vulnerable. If they’re nearby, you could also arrange to meet them somewhere public.

Try to avoid going home

If you walk all the way home, then you are potentially leading your follower there. This means they now know where you live and could continue to stalk you if they desire. It also puts you in a vulnerable position when you need to stop to unlock and open your door. As mentioned earlier, try to go to a public place first to get help before returning home.

Once you get inside your home, it’s reassuring to know that your home security system can keep you safe from your follower and that the authorities can easily be alerted if they try to break in. If your home security system needs an upgrade, then contact Carolina Alarm for our support around Greensboro, Kernersville, Winston Salem, and High Point.