5 Most Popular Home Alarm Monitoring System Components

Home security systems have come a really long way since their inception, and the tools available to keep our homes safe continue to develop. If you’re looking for a home security upgrade in 2019, then there are lots of exciting new tools you could add to your existing system, if you have one.

Here are 5 of the most popular home alarm monitoring system components from the last year.


Comprehensive home alarm systems can alert you to a variety of things – motion in your house while you’re out, smoke or gas leaks, temperature changes, and more. But when you need a separate device for each of these, it becomes a lot to think about. Now, multi-sensors are revolutionizing the field by detecting a variety of threats with a single device. Check out the Arlo Multi-Sensor to see how it works.

Security cameras with facial recognition

Security cameras are a great way to keep your home safe and monitored, but they’ve started to get a lot smarter in the last few years. A popular feature of security cameras now is facial recognition. This allows you to approve friends and family, or even delivery people, who visit your house on a regular basis. If your camera system captures a face it does not recognize, then it will alert you. Cameras and motion sensors can also be set to recognize pets, so your dog doesn’t accidentally trip the alarm.

Smartphone connected devices

You want to be able to monitor your home from wherever you are, not just while you’re in it or after an incident has occurred. When your home alarm monitoring system is connected to your smartphone, you can be notified about any security threats. If there’s a false alarm, such as a neighbor stopping by to feed your cats, you can check the alert and approve it so no action needs to be taken. If it’s a genuine threat, you can call the authorities or rush home if you need to.

Health-monitoring cameras

More developments from smart video surveillance that could be really important in homes with the elderly or disabled. The smart technology in video surveillance can be trained to recognize actions such as falling or whether or not someone is breathing. With a monitored system, this can prompt a doctor or ambulance to be sent to that house in response to an alert.

Security sharing

It’s a modern day neighborhood watch. Apps like Streety allow you to share security footage or concerns with your neighbors through a connected system. This way, you can keep your street safe from threats together by aggregating your knowledge and evidence about goings on in the neighborhood.

Which of these tools would you most like to add to your in-home security? You can contact Carolina Alarm for installation or set-up of your comprehensive security system, anywhere across Winston Salem, High Point, Greensboro, and Mooresville.

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