How to Secure Your Shed or Workshop

We’re sure that home security is a high priority for most of you, and you probably pay attention to keeping your garage secure, too. But one thing that can be easily forgotten is a shed or workshop in your backyard. If you have one of these, then you likely keep tools and garden equipment in there that can be valuable. You might also store your kids’ toys in there that they certainly wouldn’t want to lose.

So, we’ve got some tips to help you make sure your shed or workshop is secure.

Secure the door

The most obvious way to keep your shed and its belongings secure is to make sure that the door is always locked when it’s unoccupied, especially overnight and when no one’s home. Shed doors often come with basic and sometimes flimsy locks, so you might want to upgrade to a more secure one. Or you could add a padlock as an additional layer of security.

It’s also worth upgrading the hinges on your shed door. Replacing short screws with longer ones or upgrading to nuts and bolts will make it harder for burglars to kick in or prise off the door. If you

Secure your garden

If a thief can’t into your backyard, then they can’t get to your shed, either. Make sure any gates or other access points to your backyard are securely locked. This may require an upgrade to the locks and hinges, too. Ensure that there are no holes or weak points in the fences or hedges surrounding your yard.

Of course, someone could always climb over or break through fences, but this is much more conspicuous, which could be enough to deter burglars from attempting it in the first place. Plus, your home security should also deter them from this, with motion sensor lights drawing attention to them, for example.

Security equipment for your shed and backyard

If you want to step up your security even more, then you can install security equipment inside and outside of your shed. If your shed isn’t in range of your home’s motion sensor lights, then you can install some around the shed, too. Rigging an alarm to your shed door will help to prevent theft, hopefully prompting a burglar to run away without taking anything after they have triggered the alarm.

If your shed or workshop has windows, then a glass break detector is a good choice. This will trigger an alarm if someone tries to enter your shed by shattering the glass of your windows.

If you want to upgrade the security for your shed, workshop, garage, or house around Greensboro, Winston Salem, and Kernersville, then contact Carolina Alarm for security systems and security monitoring.