Signs That A Burglar Is Targeting Your Home


It’s not nice to think of your home as a target for burglars, but it’s important to be in the know if this is the case so that you can take the proper measures to keep your home and family safe. The following are some signs to look out for that your house might be a target.

An unfamiliar vehicle on your street

If you know your neighbors well, then this sign should be easy to spot, but not everyone does. Still, be on the lookout for cars that you don’t recognize, especially if the driver is behaving suspiciously. A car that remains outside your house or across the road may be surveying your home and your activity. The same goes for if a car keeps driving slowly past the front of your house.

Someone repeatedly walking by the front of your house

A less conspicuous way to survey your house is on foot. If you notice someone you don’t recognize walking slowly past your house and glancing in, or even taking photos on their phone, take it as a warning sign. They could be looking for possible points of entry and whether or not you have cameras fitted. You may notice them walk past several times or even spot them snooping around the sides of your house.

Unusual markings on your house

If you notice a mark or symbol appear on your house, it might not just be annoying graffiti. It could be a sign to co-conspirators or other burglars that your house is an easy mark. Don’t just keep an eye out for marks painted on your walls, but also other unusual things like stones piled on your garden. Even something as innocent-looking as a flyer sticking out of your letterbox could be a sign.

Strange visits to your home

We’re all used to people knocking on our doors to sell us something or ask for charitable donations. Sometimes, however, these are not all that they seem. A prospective burglar may perform a visit like this under false pretenses, to get a closer look at your front door and inside your home.

Make sure you ask for identification when someone comes to your door on behalf of a company or charity. If a stranger claiming to be from a security company comes to your door asking if you have home security installed, then always tell them yes, even if you don’t. They are acting as if they want to sell you a security system, but may just be assessing the security of your home.

The best way to prevent a home invasion or theft is to have the proper security measures installed. This will not only deter burglars in the first place but will also help to stop them if they do attempt to break in. Our residential security systems will help to protect your home and family. Get in touch for more information and services around Winston Salem, High Point, Greensboro, and Mooresville.