The Best Smart Devices to Protect Your Home

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Home security is getting smarter and smarter. There are devices that let you lock your doors remotely, see who’s at your door from anywhere, and have Alexa arm your home alarm. These technologies add not only security, but also convenience to your everyday life. Let’s look at some of the best smart devices that you can add to your home security system.

Smart door locks

A simple mistake like leaving your door unlocked makes your home so much more vulnerable. With smart locks connected to an app on your phone, you can lock the door from wherever you are, so you don’t have to worry if you accidentally left it unlocked. Some smart locking devices can be set to lock automatically once you (and your connected smartphone) leave the vicinity of the home.

Interactive doorbell cameras

If there’s a stranger at your door, you might not always want to open it up to see who’s there, especially if you’re home alone and it’s late at night. With a doorbell camera, you can see who’s at the door and even speak to them without having to open the door. This allows you to assess the situation before deciding whether or not to open up. Motion sensors can even detect if someone is lurking outside your door without ringing the doorbell, so you can call the police if necessary.

Amazon Echo Dot

It may seem like a gimmick, but the Amazon Echo Dot can also be used to control your entire home security system. Pair it with all your internet-enabled smart security devices to make sure you never forget to arm a device. And you can do it from the comfort of your own bed, too. You can ask Alexa to lock your doors and windows, arm your home alarm, activate motion-sensor lights, and more.

Connected security cameras

Security cameras inside your home, often fitted with motion detectors, allow you to see if there’s an intruder or another threat in your home. But there can be false alarms, especially in houses with pets. Smart cameras connect to your smartphone and can send you images and footage of the inside of your home. This way, if an alarm is triggered, you can see if it’s a false alarm and disable the alarm, or if you need to alert the authorities.

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