Keeping Your Outdoor Security Cameras Safe

Your home security system is there to keep your home and your family safe, but what if some of your equipment is positioned where it could be damaged or vandalized? Security equipment outside your house, particularly security cameras, could become damaged by adverse weather conditions. People may vandalize them if they are simply pulling a prank, compromising your equipment so that they can break in undetected by your cameras, or stealing your equipment to sell.

Here are some tips for keeping your outdoor security cameras safe while they do the same for you.

Add a security camera cover

Installing a cover or protective housing over your security camera helps to protect it from a variety of things, from vandals and thieves to various types of weather and even wildlife. You can even use different types of housing to make your security equipment look more attractive, like this garden lamp idea.

Go higher

The simplest way to keep your security cameras out of the hands of vandals is to place them out of arms reach. A security camera over your front door can easily be reached to damage it or cover the lens. Placing cameras higher, such as on the second story, would require criminals to use a ladder to reach, which wouldn’t be very inconspicuous. Look for a higher point on your home that would still allow for a good field of vision.

Consider hidden cameras

A large camera sticking out of your wall is extremely noticeable. This can be a good thing if it makes someone decide not to break into your home. But it could also mean that your camera is more likely to be vandalized. Hidden cameras are much better protected from vandalism because people aren’t likely to know that the cameras are there. One option is to have a hidden camera in view of a visible camera so that you can get footage of anyone vandalizing your security camera.

Wireless security cameras

Another risk is that vandals could cut the wires to your security camera to disconnect them. Opting for wireless security cameras eliminates this option, keeping your cameras recording. Wireless security cameras can also be more convenient and easier to install or relocate.

Get alerted about vandalism

Some security cameras have the ability to alert you if they are being damaged or vandalized. The built-in software will send a notification to your connected device, such as your smartphone, to warn you of any malicious activity. This can help you to prevent someone from damaging your cameras by scaring them off or calling the police. If you’re at home, even turning an outside light on could be enough to make them scarper.

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