Using Security Cameras

Whether you’re using them to protect your home or commercial work space, security cameras are the main stay of a modern security system. Read on to learn more about using security cameras today and how they can benefit you.

How modern security cameras work

Home security and the security camera have come a long way since they were introduced in the 1960s. Today, security cameras come with a whole host of useful technologies and functionalities to help you keep your home and workplace secure.

One of these impressive technological advancements is the introduction of wireless security cameras. Rather than connecting your cameras to an electrical outlet, they can now function using a Wi-Fi signal or broadband, for example. This means that you’re less restricted in where you place your cameras, as they don’t need to be located close to an electrical source, or otherwise connected via long extension cables. This also means it is significantly easier to install wireless security cameras in your home.

Using the wireless network of your choice, the visual and audio information will be transmitted via this network to the nearby computer or monitor that you’ve connected your cameras to. Modern IP surveillance cameras work in a similar way to a DVR, storing the recorded information onto an SD card or being able to stream it via the ethernet.

The benefits of using security cameras

Installing security cameras in a residential or commercial building, such as your home or office, helps to reduce the incidence of theft, because anyone considering breaking in should see that their activity is being recorded. It also helps after a break-in, if one does occur, because it acts as evidence against the criminal. This can be helpful both in catching the thief and filing an insurance claim.

As well as the benefits of wireless security cameras already mentioned above, they are also less expensive to buy and install than a wired system. Being easy to install also makes them easy to take down, so if you move home then you can easily take it with you.

What else should you kit out your security system with?

Security cameras are a great start when it comes to home security, but for a really comprehensive security system to give you peace of mind, here are a few other things to consider equipping your home with:

  • Intrusion detection alarms
  • Motion sensors
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Police and medical panic buttons
  • Telephone line monitoring services

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