Home Security: An Invention of Necessity

Home security is a fabulous thing. It gives us the peace of mind that our home, belongings, and family are protected in case something bad happens. But, how did the idea of home security technology come about? Let’s take a little look at the history of home security and how it has evolved since then.

The history of home security

The idea of home security technology traces back to the 1960s and a woman named Marie van Britten Brown. Marie lived with her husband, but worked irregular hours as a nurse, meaning she was often home alone. Living in a neighbourhood in Queens with a high crime rate, she often felt concerned for her safety when home alone, especially at night. So, she began thinking, with the help of her husband, Albert, of ways she could feel more secure in her own home.

Together, they set up a camera at the front door that connected to a television in their bedroom, plus a two-way microphone between the wo points. This allowed Marie to view who was at the door before she answered it, and have a conversation with them without answering the door. An alarm was also built that Marie could trigger in the case of any suspicious activity or a threat at her door. This alarm could be connected to a nearby security firm or a neighbor, for example.

They applied for a patent for this technology in 1966, which was approved later in 1969. Although their patent was approved and the technology was successfully installed in their own home, without a manufacturer for the technology, it did not go much further beyond this. However, many patents for home security systems since this time have referenced the Brown’s patent as inspiration for their own technology.

Where we are today

Although home security technology has come on a long way since Marie van Britten Brown, the motivations behind them are exactly the same. Homeowners and their family members want to feel secure in their homes and install measures to thwart threats to their safety. Homes now use CCTV systems using the same principles, although with more sophisticated technology and capabilities.

Other technologies, such as panic buttons, motion sensor alarms, and indoor security cameras were all surely inspired by the ideas that Marie van Britten Brown originally came up with. Now, things have advanced to allow homeowners to use these systems remotely from their smartphones, even when away from their home.

These technological advancements in home security are all here to keep you and your home safe, and are all available for purchase and installation from Carolina Alarm. Get in touch to add to the security of your home.