Swimming Pool Security Systems

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While summer is coming to an end, don’t forget about your pool – more specifically, pool safety measures. After the kids return to school and your home returns to its normal routine, it could be easy to forget about the pool and the safety concerns it raises. Even if you use a community or neighborhood pool!

If you belong to a HOA or live in a community with an open pool, these products can help keep your family safe.

Swimming Pool Security Systems

Commercial, HOA and even residential swimming pools involve a significant and ongoing investment for regular service and maintenance. Unfortunately, a perimeter fence and locked gate will not deter a trespasser or vandal, nor will it identify any perpetrators.

Traditionally, large steel gates are installed and monitored for access to swimming pools. The locks on these security gates can include a combination lock or an electronic magnet lock system. Guests may enter the pool area using a personalized entry device.

Carolina Alarm installs card reader access systems on pool and clubhouse gates. When access is granted the gate is unlocked, the transaction can be recorded so you always know when someone accesses the pool area with their personalized entry device. When the access is refused, the gate remains locked and the attempted access is recorded. Supplement the security by adding security cameras that monitor all entrances as well as the entire pool itself.

When Cameras and Gates Aren’t Enough

If you’re looking for an alarm that can alert you to any pool use, you have a few different options.

Fence or Wall Mounted Pool Alarm

Using infrared beams, you can know when someone has accessed the pool area. Typically the cheapest option for pool alarms, but can be bypassed by swimmers who choose to jump the fence.

Pool Mounted Infrared Detectors

This system is much more reliable in terms of knowing when someone enters the pool. It won’t be set off by small objects, but once you hear the alarm you have a limited amount of time to react. This alarm sounds when someone is actually in the pool, and if it’s a child that has wandered off, you’ll need to act quickly.

Underwater Motion Alarms

Again, this alarm will let you know when someone has entered the water. They monitor movement in the water, so again you’ll have limited response time in case of emergency, but there is no way for anyone to enter the water without the activated alarm sounding.

For more tips on swimming pool security, check out these tips and more security devices. If you’re looking for a commercial or residential pool security solution, give us a call today!