Gas, Heat, and Smoke Detection

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Your business is your livelihood, so any kind of damage or accidents that take place on your business premises is a painful blow. Having the proper security measures in place on your commercial property is essential to keeping your business ticking over, and your income coming in.

One area where safety and precaution are key is the risk of fire and other related incidents. Here at Carolina Alarm, we offer commercial systems that detect for gas, heat, and smoke so you can stay in control if a fire or a gas leak occurs on your premises.

What can our fire detection systems do?

In large commercial premises with lots of machinery and electrical equipment, your standard smoke alarms aren’t going to cut it. A fire in premises like these can be devastating if not caught early enough, both for the personnel, property, and even company records. Commercial fire detection systems offer more features to properly protect your business.

Firstly, sound and light alarms can be activated as soon as gas, heat, or smoke has been detected. These systems are able to catch these warning signs earlier than standard smoke detectors, so that damage can be fully minimized and employees can be evacuated as soon as possible. You can also have sensors that activate sprinkler systems as soon as a fire is detected.

A fully monitored system provides you with greater security and peace of mind. Have the problem handled before it escalates with fire detection systems that alert the local fire station so that officers can be dispatched to your location.

The benefits of commercial fire detection systems

You might think that a complete fire detection system for your commercial premises is too much of an investment, but the benefits pay you back in so many ways.

  • Keep employees safe – You want to ensure that no harm comes to your employees, so you should put in all the measures you can to ensure this.
  • Manage risk even out of business hours – Fires cause the most damage when no one is on the premises. A monitored fire system can make sure that fires can be quickly put out even when no one is there.
  • Protect your property and assets – Your business premises and all the assets contained on them will be worth a lot of money, so protecting this is worth the investment.
  • Keep your business in operation – The time needed to recover your premises after fire damage could mean your business is out of operation for a while, putting you out of pocket.

The reasons are pretty compelling, so get in touch with us to arrange a security assessment of your premises to see what equipment you need to protect against fire and other threats. We support business in and around Winston Salem, High Point, Greensboro, and Mooresville.