How to Save Money on Your Home Security

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Home security is a great way to ensure peace of mind in your home, whether you’re tucked up in bed at night or are leaving your house empty when you go away on vacation. But not forget about the expense involved in purchasing, installing, and maintaining your home security system.

It helps to figure out what your budget is for home security before you start planning or upgrading your system. You don’t want to compromise too much at the expense of your home or family’s safety, so here are some simple tips for helping you save money on home security without the compromise.

Shop around

The first tip is simple. Don’t just go for the first security deal you find. Compare your options – check different providers to find the best deal and compare the different packages offered by each provider to figure out which suits you best. Talk to the provider for their advice and make sure you’re not paying for features that you don’t need.

Focus on points of entry

Home security doesn’t have to be about securing every square foot, so the cost doesn’t necessarily need to increase the bigger your house is. Focus, instead, on the number of entry points to your home and making sure that they are secured with alarms and security cameras if needed.

Do you need second-floor security?

One area you may be able to compromise on is second-floor security, but make sure to assess your home situation first. Burglars are much more likely to break in through the front door, back door, or a first-floor window rather than climbing up to the second floor, so alarms and cameras may not be required upstairs. However, every house is different. If you have an easy entry point to a second-floor window, such as a porch or a covered patio that can easily be climbed on, security may still be necessary at that point.

Monitored or unmonitored?

One area where we feel you shouldn’t compromise is professional monitoring for your home security system. Sure, this will save you a bit of initial cost and then a small ongoing monthly fee, but professional monitoring is essential for keeping your home and family safe, and it could save you money on insurance and on any damages that occur in case of a break-in.

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