Alexa Skills for Home Security

Alexa has a number of impressive built-in abilities, but did you know that there are also thousands of downloadable ‘skills’ that you can add to her repertoire? Alexa’s skills are essentially like apps that you can download, giving her more specific and specialized abilities. Some of these are just for fun like quizzes and games, whereas others are more functional for use around the house. You can download skills for free from the Alexa skill store.

When it comes to using Alexa and connected smart devices for your home security, let’s look at some of the skills that might help you out.

IFTTT skills

IFTTT stands for If This, Then That. This means you can set up conditional events, such as “If I save a recipe to my phone, add the ingredients to my grocery list.” Alexa has built-in IFTTT capabilities, but you can also install more specific Alexa skills or applets for IFTTT. For example, Yonomi is a great skill for managing and controlling all the smart devices that assist your home security.

Burglar deterrent

One way to discourage someone from breaking into your house is to make it seem like there are people at home. The burglar deterrent skill helps you achieve this illusion. Activate the skill before you leave the house to create realistic sounds catered to the room of your choice, so someone listening in from outside will think the house isn’t empty. And Burglar Deterrent Routines Edition allows you to incorporate this skill into other routines you’ve set up with Alexa.

Smart lock skills

There are lots of Alexa skills that integrate with the smart devices in your home, allowing you to easily control and manage them. The skill you choose will depend on the brand and device you use in your home. For example, the Yale Home skill allows you to instantly check the status of your doors and lock or unlock them remotely, for both convenience and safety.

I’m Home

Perhaps you have teenage children who you’ve recently entrusted with their own key, allowing them to make their own way home from school while you’re at work. You may still worry about them and want to check that they’ve got home safely, but they might not always remember to message you to let you know. With the I’m Home skill, they can just say “Alexa, I’m home” when they step through the door, and this skill will automatically message your connected device to let you know.

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