DVR vs. NVR Surveillance Systems

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If you’ve been browsing security systems and cameras for your business premises or workplace, then you’ve probably come across these two similar terms – DVR and NVR. These stand for digital video recorder and network video recorder, respectively. Read on to find out more about these different types of security systems and which one is right for your business.

DVRs (digital video recorders)

You may be more familiar with the term DVR when it comes to recording things to watch on TV, like with Tivo. This is because the technology used in the two are very similar. A DVR is part of a wired security system. It connects to an analog security camera, processing the footage recorded by the camera, because analog cameras cannot process this data themselves, and storing it within its own system. You can then connect your DVR to any kind of viewing device to watch your footage.

DVRs are the older, more traditional version of this kind of technology, which also means they tend to be cheaper to buy. As a result, though, the video quality may be poorer compared to NVRs and they can be slightly more difficult to install as well as less flexible in terms of where you can position the system.

NVRs (network video recorders)

NVRs connect to IP (internet protocol) cameras rather than analog ones. This means that the camera is able to process video itself, so the video is processed or encoded at the camera rather than at the NVR’s processor. The video is then streamed to the NVR where it can be stored and, just like a DVR, viewed by connecting the system to a viewing device.

One of the main benefits of an NVR system is that it can be used with wireless cameras, allowing the system to communicate via WiFi signals, removing the need for cumbersome wires. Alternatively, you can connect your system using ethernet cables, which is still a more flexible and versatile option than the wired DVR system.

NVR security systems can offer more sophisticated features than DVRs, such as facial recognition, helping to step up your company’s level of security. Of course, due to the more modern and sophisticated technology involved, NVRs are usually a more expensive set-up than DVRs.

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