How to Prevent Crime in Your Neighborhood

An effective way to keep yourself, your home, and your family safe is to work towards making your neighborhood a safer place. Together with your neighbors, this is something that you can achieve. Here are some of the simple ways you can help to prevent crime in your neighborhood.

Secure your house

Burglars are less likely to target a house if they can see that it has security equipment installed. So, if all the houses in your area are kitted out with a home security system, this will help to keep the neighborhood safe. Do your bit for the neighborhood by installing security cameras outside your home or making it obvious that you have a burglar alarm.

Take an interest in your neighbors’ lives

Simple things like knowing who visits their house will help you notice if something seems wrong. Get to know each other, learn when they’ll be out at work, and let each other know if you’re going on vacation. If you look out for each other, you can stand together against prospective criminals.

Create a neighborhood watch

You can take this a step further by forming a neighborhood watch in your area, or joining it if one already exists. In this group, you can discuss the goings-on on your street or in the wider area and report any suspicious behavior. Neighborhood watches are an effective way of preventing crime and catching criminals when an incident does occur.

Keep valuables out of sight

A bike left in the front yard is easy pickings for a thief. They’re likely to remember this and return, hoping you’ll still be as careless. Similarly, leaving curtains open at night with valuables in view shows them that you’ve got things that are worth stealing. You and your neighbors should try to keep your valuables out of sight so that your homes aren’t targeted.

Maintain an active neighborhood

If criminals pass through your street and see lots of friendly people out and about, well-maintained lawns, and more evidence of activity, then this will also put them off targeting your neighborhood. If they see overgrown lawns, mail piled up, and rarely see any people, then it makes the homes there look like an easy target.

A professionally monitored home security system will help to stop burglars in their tracks, but following the tips listed here will help to prevent your home and your neighborhood from becoming a target in the first place. Get in touch with Carolina Alarm if you need additional home security equipment in Greensboro, Winston Salem, or Kernersville.