Keep your Wi-Fi secure

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If you have a wireless or wire-free security system in your home, then you need a strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection to provide enough coverage and keep it working properly. If any of your security components are far away from the Wi-Fi router or are obstructed in some way, then it could limit their functionality. And then if your Wi-Fi signal is slow or cuts out frequently, this will also interfere with your wireless security system.

If you’re having trouble with the signal strength of your home security system, then here are some strategies and devices you can use to boost it.

Consider router placement

Where you place your Wi-Fi router matters to an extent. Think about where your security cameras and other security components are positioned. Placing your router in the line of sight of these components will help maximize their signal. If there are walls, doors, or other barriers in between your router and your security equipment (particularly brick or concrete walls), then these will cause some interference.

Placing your router higher up in a room can also create a clearer signal with less interference. You should also consider other equipment that sends a wireless signal as these can interfere with your Wi-Fi signal, so try to place them at least a few feet away from each other.

Installing a Wi-Fi extender

You may have multiple security devices at different points around your home, in which case it might not be possible to have your router within a few feet of every component. If you’re having problems with certain components, particularly outdoor security cameras, then a Wi-Fi extender could be the solution.

A Wi-Fi extender increases the range of your Wi-Fi signal, helping it to provide a strong signal to devices that are further away from the router. Here are some suggested Wi-Fi extenders from TechRadar.

Keep your Wi-Fi secure

The more people and the more devices using your Wi-Fi, the slower it will be. So, it’s important to protect your Wi-Fi network with a secure password to prevent neighbors and passers-by from connecting to it. It is also worth changing your password on a regular basis to keep it secure.

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