Security Tips for Home Deliveries

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Online shopping is so convenient and can help you save money on your purchases. But what if you’re not home to collect the package when it’s delivered? Is it really safe sitting on your front porch? Statistics from 2019 show that 16% of online shoppers across a 6-month period didn’t receive a delivery because it was stolen.

What can you do to protect your home deliveries? Here are some tips to help you out.

Designate a safe place

When you place an order, you often have the option to designate a safe place in case no one’s home when the package arrives. This may be with a neighbor who you know will be home during the day, or somewhere in or around your home. Having your parcel stored in a safe place keeps it out of plain sight, making it less likely to be stolen. A garden shed is a good idea for a safe place, or a recycling bin, the kind you use for paper or plastic, not bad-smelling garbage.

Use smart technology

With a smart doorbell, you don’t have to be home to collect your parcel. Once your doorbell rings, you’ll be notified on your connected smart device. Through the camera, you can see who’s at the door to confirm that it’s a genuine delivery. You can then speak to them to give them instructions on where to leave the parcel. With connected smart locks, you can even let them into your home so they can place the parcel inside, and then lock the door once they’ve left.

Security camera at your front door

Home security equipment is a good deterrent against theft. If a package is left on your front doorstep, an opportunistic passer-by might be tempted to steal it. But, if they see that a security camera would be recording their every move, then they’re less likely to do so.

What to do if a package is stolen

If you’re ever in the unfortunate situation where your home delivery is stolen, then it helps to know what to do next.

  1. Confirm your package was delivered – check to see if you’ve had a confirmation email or if you can track the status of your delivery on the company website.
  2. Check your safe places – the delivery driver may have left the package in a safe place without notifying you of it. Check around your property, in any designated safe places, and with your neighbors to make sure they didn’t collect it.
  3. Contact the seller – Check the seller’s policy for loss or theft of the delivery, and then contact them to notify them that you haven’t received the parcel. Many sellers will send a replacement.
  4. Contact the shipping company – If the above fails, then the shipping company’s policy may be able to protect you against the theft.

If you need additional security measures to protect your home and home deliveries, then contact Carolina Alarm today.