Staying Safe on Vacation

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When you go on vacation, we hope you’ve got your home security system (burglar alarm, security cameras, etc.) set up and your neighbors notified to keep your home secure while you’re away. But what about your own security while you’re away? There are always going to be safety and security risks when you’re visiting a new place, but there are some easy tips to follow to help you stay safe on vacation.

Know the local emergency numbers

If something unfortunate happens to you and you need help, then it’s crucial that you have details for the local authorities on hand. Whether you’ve been robbed, injured, or otherwise, you don’t want to have to be searching around for those numbers. Learn them and save them in your phone as soon as you arrive (or beforehand) just in case.

Lock away your valuables

You’re probably planning lots of adventures, day trips, and nights out away from your accommodation. Since you’ll be out for long periods, you should make sure to secure your belongings, and especially your valuables. Always lock the door to your room or apartment, even if you’re heading out briefly. If you’re staying in a hostel dorm room, book a room that has lockers and be sure to use them. Bring a padlock with you in case you need one.

Personal alarms

Alarms aren’t just made for your doors and windows; a personal alarm is a great device to travel with for your safety and security. If you are in danger, just press the alarm to have it emit a loud, high-pitched noise. This will hopefully scare off your attacker or pick-pocketer and attract the attention of people around you who can help you if you’re injured.

Watch your belongings while out and about

You should always watch your belongings while exploring touristic areas because pickpockets often operate there. Backpacks can be especially vulnerable to unseen theft in busy areas. Make sure you’re aware of your belongings and look for luggage with anti-theft features if possible. Also, make your valuables more difficult to find by storing them in a hidden pocket or making them look like something else. For example, empty and wash out an old sunscreen bottle and keep your cash in there.

Don’t let a threat to your safety or security ruin your vacation; be prepared to prevent a disaster from striking. Get in touch with Carolina Alarm if you need to update your home security system before you go on vacation. Protecting homes in Greensboro, Winston Salem, Kernersville, and beyond.