The Future Is Now: Your Phone Is A Powerful Home Security Tool

Smart technology just keeps getting smarter, and now it’s here to protect your home. Yes, the phone you carry around with you all the time could be the key to staying on top of home security at all times, wherever you are. If you haven’t already, give your home security system an upgrade by using your smartphone in the following ways…

Lock and unlock doors remotely

Did you leave the back door unlocked when you left for work this morning? You can use your smartphone to check your locks remotely and lock them if necessary. You can even use them from your house for the sake of convenience, if you get comfy in bed and then realize you left the garage door unlocked, for example.

Smart locks are useful if you don’t feel comfortable handing out spare keys. Maybe you don’t trust your teenager to have their own key without losing it – you can just let them in remotely when they return home from school. The same goes for people like delivery men, dog walkers, and plumbers.

See who’s at the front door

That feature goes hand-in-hand with being able to see who’s at the front door. With a camera connected to your smartphone, you can see a live stream of your front door when the doorbell rings. Say a delivery man rings the doorbell when no one’s home. You can verify who it is, unlock the door, and speak to them through an intercom with instructions on where to leave the package.

Arm and disarm security alarms remotely

Letting someone into your home also links nicely with this feature. If you’re letting an electrician in to do some work inside your house, you can disable your home alarm to make sure it doesn’t sound when they enter your home. You can also arm it remotely, in case you forgot to do it before you left the house.

Be alerted of threats wherever you are

Whether your house alarm has been triggered or a fire has been detected by the smoke alarms, there’s not much you can do if you’re not at home. With your smartphone connected to your home security system, you can be alerted of these threats so you can act appropriately. If you don’t have a home alarm monitoring system, you could respond to this alert by calling the authorities ASAP. You can also return home quickly if it is safe to do so.

PCMag has a round-up of some of the great smart security tech that lets you control your home security through your phone. If you need help upgrading your security system around Winston Salem, High Point, Greensboro, and Mooresville, then contact us today.