Types of Security Systems

Are you confused by all the different security options available to you? Whether you’re looking to protect your home or your business, investing in security equipment is always a good idea. As well as keeping yourself, your family, and your employees safe at home or at work, it is also a solid financial investment as it helps to protect your belongings and professional assets, preventing them from being stolen and covering you financially if they are.

So, let’s clear up the different kinds of security systems you could install in your home or workplace.

Surveillance systems

Video monitoring is a useful tool for your home or business. If someone does break in to your home or if any illegal activity is taking place in your business, shoplifting for example, then having video footage to prove this fact helps the police to catch the suspect. It can also serve as proof for insurance companies after theft.

Entry alarms

Perhaps the standard conception of a burglar alarm is one that goes off whenever someone enters the house or building, as long as it has been activated first. Authorized people will have the code so that they can disarm the alarm, while burglars will not be able to. This can act as a deterrent to thieves, prompting them to flee when the alarm sounds. Alarms can also be designed to alert the authorities when they are not disarmed.

Motion detectors

Motion sensors can be set up inside or outside of a building to detect and unauthorized movement. When motion sensors are triggered, they can be set up to sound an alarm or alert the owner or the authorities. This can help detect if someone is sneaking around outside your home or business, or if someone has gained entry without being detected.

Remote monitoring

Monitored security systems alert workers on the other end of the system whenever the system is breached. These people can then either contact you or immediately contact the police when there is an issue. Remote monitoring also allows you to control many aspects of your home and security system from your smartphone, such as checking surveillance and locking doors.

Fire alarms

The security of your home is not just about preventing break-ins, but also protecting it from accidental threats such as fire. Fire alarms can be triggered by smoke or heat, alerting you to the presence of fire in your home, or being set up to alert a monitored call center.

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