5 Most Common Points of Entry in Your Home

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Everyone wants to make sure their home is as secure as possible against the threat of burglars. Educating yourself on how homes are targeted by criminals can help you protect your home, family, and belongings more effectively. We’ve already looked at signs that your home is being targeted, now let’s consider how those burglars will try to get into your home.

Front door

Yes, criminals are so bold that they’ll simply walk through your front door if you give them the opportunity. Make sure you always lock your front door at night and whenever you leave the house. Having your front door alarmed will also help to deter thieves. A visible alarm and other security features will, first of all, deter anyone from attempting to break in. It will also ward them off when the alarm sounds after they break in.

Back Doors

Your back door and sliding doors around the back of your house can be even more vulnerable because they are more out of sight. Again, leave these doors locked as much as possible. Glass doors can be smashed open by burglars, so make sure you have the necessary security equipment to deter anyone who thinks of attempting this.

The garage

People can break into your garage to steal any valuables contained in it. If your garage is attached, then it can also serve as an entry point to the rest of your home. New garage doors come with a lot of better safety features, so you may consider an upgrade if yours is getting old. Cameras and alarms on your garage door can also help to keep it safe.

First-floor windows

Everyone makes a point to remember to lock their doors, but windows are more often forgotten about. Unlocked windows make entry much easier, especially on the first floor. Of course, you should also leave these windows closed as much as possible so that a thief can’t just climb inside undetected. You can place motion sensors on your windows to sound an alarm if someone does attempt this.

Second-floor windows

While not quite as easy to access as first floor windows, your upstairs windows may still be a vulnerable point, especially if you have climbable trees or fences next to them. Plus, since you’re less likely to think about them than your downstairs windows, burglars know that they’re more likely to be left open and unlocked.

Now that you know the most vulnerable points of your home, you know which areas need extra security. Carolina Alarm can help kit your house out with entry alarms, cameras, motion sensors, and much more. Get in touch for better home security in Winston Salem, High Point, Greensboro, and Mooresville.