7 Tips to Secure Your Doors

When it comes to securing entry points to your home, you should start with the most obvious one – the doors. It may seem brazen for a burglar to just walk into your home this way, but statistics show that 34% of burglars do enter through the front door. Step up the safety of your home by following these 7 tips to secure your doors.

  1. Stronger strike plates

Deadbolts are a good way to secure your doors, but you can make them stronger. A lot of the lock’s strength comes down to the strike plate, which is the metal plate that the bolt goes into. Replacing your strike plate with a stronger model will massively increase the strength and security of your door when someone tries to kick it in.

  1. Longer screws

Long screws for your hinges and strike plate will also make the door more difficult to ram or kick in. The further into the frame the screws go, the stronger it will be. Three-inch screws are a good option for secure doors. Adding extra screws can also make the door stronger.

  1. Outdoor lights

Thieves want to stay in the shadows where they can’t be seen. So, adding lights outside your doors can be a useful deterrent. You can install regular outdoor lights that you can switch on when you want, or motion detecting lights that will switch on when someone approaches your home.

  1. Security cameras

Another massive deterrent for burglars is knowing that they’re being recorded. Most criminals will simply target another home if they see that yours has security cameras equipped.

  1. Security doors/screens

Add an additional layer to get through by adding a security door or screen over your door. This makes it more difficult and time-consuming for someone to break in. Plus, it can serve as a barrier between you and potential threats when you answer the door to a stranger.

  1. Home alarms

Along with security cameras, a burglar alarm is one of the best pieces of home security equipment you can invest in. Like cameras, simply seeing that you have an alarm fitted can be enough to deter burglars. If it isn’t, then the loud alarm that blares when they try to break in certainly should be.

  1. Consider glass placement

Glass in your front door might look nice, but it can be a security risk. Think about where the glass panes are in relation to the lock inside your door. Could someone smash the glass and reach the lock to unlock your door? If they can, then you should consider having a new door installed.

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