Making Your Property Less Attractive to Burglars

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In a recent blog, we looked at some signs that might indicate that your home is being targeted by burglars. It is good to know what to look out for, but it’s even better to be able to prevent your house from being targeted in the first place. So, to help you with this, we’re going to explore some ways to make your home less attractive as a target for burglary.

Keep valuables out of sight

Thieves are after valuable items that are easy to get away with, like TVs, laptops, jewelry, etc. If they know your home is full of them, they’re more likely to target you. Try not to have lots of valuables on display so that they are visible from outside, and keep your blinds are curtains drawn at night to hide your valuables.

Motion-activated outdoor lights

Burglars are likely to “case” your house before deciding whether to target it or not. If they’re snooping around the front, side, or back of your home while you’re not in one evening, then they’ll be deterred if lights suddenly come on. They know that outdoor lights make suspicious activity much more visible, meaning they’ll be more likely to get caught or identified.

Don’t advertise your vacations

Many burglars wait until a family goes on vacation to target their home, so you shouldn’t make it too obvious when you are away. Obvious signs that you’re away may include:

  • Your car parked in your garage when it’s normally in the driveway
  • Mail is piled up
  • The lights are never on
  • You’ve left a light on constantly to create the illusion that someone is home
  • Your grass is overgrown

You should also avoid posting on social media that you are going away as you never know whether you can trust everyone in your friend list. Having a friend, neighbor, or family member check in on your home while you’re away can help to keep it looking lived in.

Home security

A home security system doesn’t only help when your home is being burglarized – an alarm going off when someone breaks in might make them flee, and security footage can help you catch the criminals responsible. It also deters thieves in the first place if the security system is visible. If a thief can see security cameras or an alarm system connected to your home, then they’re unlikely to target it. If nothing is visible from the outside, then you can get signs from your security provider that alert passers-by to your home security system.

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