Choosing a Professional Monitoring Company for Your Home Security System

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We’ve, hopefully, already convinced you that professional security monitoring is the way forward for your home or business. Installing a monitored system ensures that your security system can work effectively whatever the threat is. But what is the best way to arrange professional monitoring for your security system?

Installing a new security system

If you’re installing a new security system in your home, then it makes sense to look for a company that also provides monitoring services. This way, you can buy all the security equipment, have it installed, and set up monitoring all in one go, taking out the hassle of shopping around. It also ensures that your monitoring team is completely familiar with the equipment you have set up in your home and how everything works.

Finding a monitoring company for your existing system

If you already have an unmonitored or self-monitored security system, then here are some tips for finding a professional company to monitor your home alarm and security system. The first place you could try is the company that provided your security equipment in the first place. If they offer monitoring services, then it may be easier to set these up with them rather than an independent company.

If they don’t provide security monitoring or if you have another reason not to go with them, then some quick shopping around online or asking for recommendations from friends and family can help you find a great security company. You can also check your local alarm association for references.

Before you contact potential companies, make sure you know the make and model of your home alarm and security system. Provide this to any companies you contact to check whether they can work with the home alarm system you have in place. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, arrange a home visit with each company so they can survey your home and security system and provide you with a quote.

Make sure you check the references of any companies you’re considering and look for reviews online from past customers before making a decision. Meeting them during this survey can also help you evaluate how responsive they are and how professional they seem.

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