Dashboard Cams – Security While Driving

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At Carolina Alarm, we’re all about providing effective professional security to help you feel safe and secure in your own home. But we’ve also got tips for helping you protect yourself and your belongings outside of the home, such as when you’re out and about or using the internet.

And with tens of thousands of people in the US dying each year in road traffic accidents, in your car while you’re on the road is another place you want to feel more secure. As well as safe and sensible driving practices to help prevent accidents, installing a dashcam in your vehicle can contribute to your driving and vehicle security.

What are dashcams?

A dashcam is a camera that is affixed to your vehicle’s dashboard or windshield on the inside of the vehicle, typically facing outward to record the flow of traffic ahead, although some also have rear views. The camera is in operation whenever the vehicle is running, recording your journey.

The benefits of using a dashcam

While dashcams can’t prevent road accidents, they are useful after the fact. If you’re ever in an accident and it was not clear which party was at fault, or if you know you weren’t at fault but the other party claims otherwise, then your dashcam footage should be able to clear things up. The footage can be submitted to the police and/or your insurance company as evidence to ensure that the proper action is taken and the correct compensation awarded.

Your dashcam could even capture footage of other drivers on the road driving dangerously or illegally, or of accidents that you weren’t involved in – footage that can be useful in investigations into those incidents.

Some dashcam features can also help to keep you safe if you have been in an accident or your car has broken down at the side of the road. Built-in GPS and emergency SOS features can get you the help you need in these situations.

Dashcams can also help to keep your car secure when it’s parked. If a thief sees that your car has a dashcam fitted, then they are less likely to try to steal your car. Some cameras record footage in the case of a collision or contact, even if you’re not driving at the time. So, this could stop thieves or vandals from breaking into your car to steal something from it, or from simply damaging and vandalizing your car.

Feel safe at home and on the road with the right security equipment for your lifestyle. Contact Carolina Alarm for our advice on home security systems as well as our professional home monitoring services around Winston Salem, Kernersville, High Point, Greensboro, and Mooresville.