Does Your Home Need A Panic Room?

Whether you’ve just watched the Jodie Foster film, Panic Room, or you’re just thinking of ways to boost your home’s security, installing a panic room in your home can seem like an interesting idea. But is it actually necessary? And what exactly is involved in installing a panic room?

What is a panic room?

A panic room or a safe room is a space in your home that’s fortified with high-grade security. It could be as small as a closet with just enough standing room for a couple of people, or it could be a large, spacious room. The most important feature is a security door with a solid core and a deadbolt with a strike plate to lock the door from inside the room.

A safe room may also have communication devices in case you need to contact the police or other authorities while you’re inside the room. If you have security cameras in your home, then your panic room may also feature surveillance monitors so you can assess the situation in your home.

Why might you need a panic room?

A safe room can be used to protect you and your family in various situations. If someone breaks into your home, for example, or to shelter yourselves during an emergency such as a tornado. The idea of this space is to provide temporary shelter until the authorities arrive or until the situation is safer.

Celebrities and other high-profile people who are in the public eye may be the most likely to have panic rooms in their homes, partly because they can afford to but also because their status can put them at risk of being targeted at home.

Alternatives to a panic room

If you don’t have the space or the budget to install a panic room in your home, then there are lots of other things you can do to keep your home, belongings, and family secure. Security cameras, burglar alarms, motion sensors, and secure locks on doors and windows can help to keep you safe from break-ins and other emergencies. Professionally monitored home security is a great step up for your home security too, making sure the authorities are contacted in the case of an emergency in your home, even if you’re away.

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