How to Secure Three Common Entry Points in Your Home

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Your home has three main weak points that are regularly used by burglars – the doors, the windows, and the garage. By taking certain safety measure to secure these points of entry, you can help to keep your home and your family safe by keeping burglars out. Here are some simple tips for securing these three common entry points to your home.


The first step to securing your doors is to lock them. It sounds obvious, but we can often forget or think our neighborhood is safe enough to leave them unlocked. Make sure you lock your doors whenever you leave the home, overnight, and if you’re out in the backyard or in the shower, for example. Smart locks can be an extra precaution, so you can lock your doors remotely if you forget to when you leave the house.

Installing security equipment around your front door is an extra measure you could take. Motion sensor lights and alarms, security cameras, and monitored alarms are all effective at keeping your home secure.


You’re probably pretty vigilant about locking your doors, but we often forget about locking windows. But these can be an easy entry point to your home, too. So, make sure you keep windows locked, especially ground floor ones. Motion sensor lights and security cameras can also be useful around ground floor windows. It’s also a good idea to keep blinds and curtains closed in the evening and night and to keep valuables out of sight of windows.


Many people leave their garage open during the day. Not just unlocked, but wide open. Especially if they are going back and forth between the house and the garage. Not only does this give burglars easy access to your garage, it is also advertising your garage’s contents. Even if a thief won’t attempt anything during daylight, they can see whether your garage is worth targeting based on what’s inside it.

Security cameras are a good investment for your garage door. Smart locks and other remote security features are also helpful, so you can monitor your garage from inside the home if there is a problem.

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