Security Tips for Your Car

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Home security is all about protecting your property and your belongings. If you park a car on your premises, then this should be something you strive to protect, too. A thief could break into your car, causing costly damage to the car as well as taking off with any valuables you left in your car. And that’s if they don’t steal the car itself.

Of course, the basic advice is to always lock your doors and keep your windows rolled up. To help you avoid this problem beyond this, here are some tips for keeping your car safe when parked at home.

Park it in a secure garage

If you have a garage at your home, then it is a much safer place to park your car than out on the street or your drive. Especially overnight, it’s a good idea to park your car in your garage and make sure that your garage door is locked securely. Installing additional security in and around your garage, like security cameras, will also help to keep your garage and its contents secure.

Take your valuables out of the car

Opportunists are more likely to make their move if they see that there’s something valuable inside your car. When you leave your car, make sure you don’t leave your phone, wallet, money, or any other valuables in sight. A thief will happily smash your windows to grab a phone or some cash.

Keep your locks in good condition

An alternative to smashing your windows is to break the locks on your vehicle. If your car locks are old, worn, or damaged, then they will be much easier to bypass. Make sure you get your locks checked and maintained regularly to ensure they stay in good condition.

Park in a well-lit area

Thieves are more likely to operate in dark, secluded areas where they will be harder to spot. If you have to park on the street at night, then try to park near streetlamps or well-lit houses to avoid becoming a target. Installing security lights or motion-sensor lights outside your home can help to keep your vehicle safe.

Keep an eye on criminals

Another tip for anyone parking outside their home – just like burglars will steer clear of a home with a security camera outside, they are likely to do the same with your car. If they can see a security camera over your front door or garage door and suspect they might be being recorded when approaching your car, they are much less likely to attempt anything.

Along with remaining vigilant, a comprehensive home security system can help to keep your car safe as well as your home. Get in touch with Carolina Alarm for a home alarm monitoring system to cover your drive, street, and garage.