Technology to Keep Your Kids Safe

As parents in the modern age, it can be difficult to know how much freedom to give your kids with technology, and at what age. While they certainly need some level of safeguarding when using the internet, technology can also offer them some safety and give you some reassurance once they start to be more independent. Let’s look at some of the tech and wearable devices to help keep your kids safe.


Entrusting your child with their own smartphone means that they can contact you in case of an emergency, or you can contact them if you need to. Alternatively, you can buy them an older model without internet access if you just want to be able to contact each other. However, other smartphone features can come in handy, including GPS and apps like Google Maps, helping to prevent them from getting lost.


If you don’t quite trust your child with an expensive piece of tech that they could leave lying around or that could fall out of their bag or pocket, then a smartwatch is a great option. You’ll still be able to get in touch with each other on various models of smartwatches, but of course the gadget will be strapped to their wrist, so less chance of losing it.

GPS trackers

You want to know that your child is safe, and that may involve finding out where they are, especially if you can’t get in touch with them for whatever reason. But there are also arguments against tracking your child’s location in terms of giving them privacy and freedom, as well as trusting them. For older children especially, it’s important to come to an agreement together rather than tracking them excessively and even without them knowing. But if you do decide that a GPS tracker is the right choice, then here are some of the best for kids.

Smart home tech

As well as when they’re out on the go, you also want to make sure that your kids are safe if they are home alone. Perhaps they’re at an age where you trust them to make their own way home from school while you’re still at work, for example. A smart doorbell is a good option, allowing your child to see and speak to whoever’s at the front door without having to open it to them.

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