Wired vs. Wire-Free Doorbell Cameras

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In our recent blog covering some of the best brands of smart doorbell cameras, we found a variety of models that could improve your home security and convenient, both wired and wire-free, battery-powered options. But how do you choose between these two types of doorbell cameras? Let’s look at some of the differences and the pros and cons to help you decide.

Wired doorbell cameras

As the name suggests, wired doorbell cameras are powered by electrical wires. If you already have wiring for an existing doorbell, then installing a new wired doorbell camera is easy enough as you don’t have to do any rewiring or do any new electrical work other than connecting the doorbell. If you don’t have existing wiring, then you’ll likely need to call an electrician to install and wire your doorbell. Alternatively, you can use a nearby electrical outlet to power your doorbell.

Although they can be less convenient than wire-free doorbells due to the installation, one benefit is that your video doorbell will always have power (as long as you have no power outages). Another benefit is that wired doorbells tend to come in more style and design options compared to wire-free doorbells, giving you a greater range of choice and more decorative styles.

Wire-free doorbell cameras

Wire-free doorbell cameras are battery-powered and require no wires, making them easy to install wherever you want and no matter what your current wiring situation looks like. They may operate on standard batteries that will need replacing periodically, or rechargeable batteries. Either way, bear in mind that your doorbell’s battery power is finite and could suddenly stop working when you need it, so you should stay on top of testing and replacing or recharging your batteries.

Because of the batteries required, wire-free doorbells tend to be slightly bulkier than wired ones, and often don’t come in as many styles as a result.

Doorbell camera features

When it comes to the smart features provided by video doorbells, you can get all the essentials from either a wired or a wire-free doorbell camera. Your doorbell can access network features by connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi, giving it the capabilities you need to keep your home secure. Wired doorbell cameras can sometimes be slightly more sophisticated, so it’s worth researching the specific features of different models depending on what you’re looking for.

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